Options for Purchasing Mobile Devices from Vodafone

While it is possible to connect a device to the Vodafone network without making a purchase, many do decide to upgrade their device when ordering service. Vodafone offers many different mobile devices, including a wide range of smartphones and tablets. Pricing does of course vary from device to device, and the newest versions of the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone are available. Vodafone offers several different options for paying for these devices.

If you prefer not to make any type of payments, then paying for a device upfront is the only option. If you plan to select prepaid service, then you will pay a different price than a Vodafone customer who will be signing a contract. New contract customers may be provided with a device at no cost, or at a significantly discounted rate. Details about contracts are available on the company website, or prospective customers can call Vodafone to connect with a customer service agent.

Financing is a possibility for qualified buyers. Many devices are available with no money down and just a small monthly payment. Monthly payments for devices will need to be submitted at the same time that payment for service is rendered. The number of months that payments need to be made will be based upon the total cost of the device. The same as with most financed purchases, interest rates may apply. All associated costs are made known upfront at the time of purchase.

Some devices do require that a down payment be paid before the device is shipped. These down payments range from just a few pounds or many smartphones to a few hundred pounds for the newest iPad. Vodafone does routinely offer sales and special discounts on devices. Special pricing is often offered on services as well. The most current sale prices are always available on the company website, and any Vodafone customer service agent can fill you in on the details associated with each.

It may be possible to switch from one service provider to Vodafone if you wish, and any agent can help you to order a SIM and make the change. Purchasing a device is not a requirement, but if you would like a new device, Vodafone offers plenty of options. The latest products from the top brands are available, but if it is just a reasonably priced device that you are shopping for, those are certainly available as well. Call Vodafone or visit the company website to see the current line of devices for sale.